Halloween Costumes: Retro Science Style

“Back when I was in the lab…”: it seems like every former scientist has a story. Kind of like Thanksgiving Dinner among your elderly relatives, scientists are quick to one-up each other with horror stories from our days at the bench—stories that included escape artist rats, a leaky sequencing gel apparatus, and the iconic radioactively […]

A Very Happy and BATTY Halloween

My colleagues in the scientific communications group at Promega are pretty sure that I have bats in my belfry. And, they may be right. After all I have written extensively and repeatedly about bats in North America and the threat that they are facing from White Nose Syndrome, the devastating disease caused by a cold-loving […]

The Creepy, the Scary, and the Spooky for Halloween

In the United States, the first of our autumn holidays is Halloween, which is celebrated by crazy costumes, scary stories and lots of sugary candy. Children enjoy this holiday—after all you get to dress up as your favorite superhero or cartoon character and go door-to-door filling bags with candy. Many scientists enjoy the holiday as […]

Science Stories for Halloween

In keeping with our tradition at Promega Connections, we have put together a “Halloween-themed” blog for you. This year we compiled a list of science-related stories that we felt had a certain spooky air about them. Enjoy! And, if you have other stories to add to this list, leave us a comment. Zombie Bees: In […]

For Halloween: Top 10 Scariest Blogs from Promega Connections

We at Promega Connections have covered much that is weird and scary in science over the last few years. In honor of Halloween, celebrated in the United States on October 31, we summarize and link to the top 10 scariest blogs on Promega Connections. Zombie Ants This is a story of a parasitic fungus that […]

Top 10 Things to Do When You (or Your Kids) Have Too Much Halloween Candy

  10. Set a daily limit. (An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.) Allow X number of pieces of candy per day, then put the bag away, under lock and key. 9. Parental help (good for the child, not so good for the parent). In my childhood, though it was not apparent […]

Control Samples: Three Terrifying Tales for Scientists

Warning: This blog contains stories about phantom serial killers, frankenfoods, mysteriously phosphorylated bands and unrequited ligations that may be disturbing to some people. Children or scientists prone to anxiety over irreproducible results should read this with their eyes shut. I Clouds hung low in the sky, and the late October wind howled between the buildings, […]

H7N9 Influenza Virus: A Perfect Pathogen?

It’s late October and here in Wisconsin, like many of you, we are experiencing a change of seasons, with the associated drop in temperatures, changes in leaf color and later this week, Halloween. Another thing that comes with fall is the start of cold and flu season. By “flu”, I mean influenza, caused by avian […]

Listeria: The Caramel-Coated Apple Edition

Autumn in the northern hemisphere is beautiful. Leaves on trees are turning color and falling; farmers and gardeners harvesting their crops; the temperatures are cooler and apples are ripening. Each autumn week brings new varieties of apples that come into season, which means more opportunity for delicious goodies like apple pie, apple butter, applesauce and […]

Two-Sentence Scary Lab Stories

Your bloggers at Promega Connections like Halloween. In the past we have reviewed our top scary blogs and provided lists of things to do with pumpkins and suggestions for what to do when you have too much leftover Halloween candy. This year we are jumping on the 2-sentence horror story bandwagon with a twist: the […]