We’re Committing to 100% Renewable Electricity by 2025

Solar panels on the roofs of Feynman Center, Kornberg Center, and the main Promega Madison parking structure

In 2021, we unveiled our most ambitious sustainability goals ever. These goals include a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, as indexed to revenue over a 2019 baseline.

In 2022, we announced that renewable sources provided over 20% of our global electricity usage.

This year, Promega is excited to announce that we’re committing to 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

The first strategy to achieve 100% renewable electricity is on-site production. Our three largest solar arrays are all located on the main Promega Madison campus, including Kornberg Center, the home of Promega R&D. These three arrays generate more than 2 million kWh annually. Many Promega branch offices also generate renewable electricity, and we will continue scaling up this global production.

Next, we partner on local projects when available. O’Brien Solar Fields, located in Fitchburg, WI, supplies more than 10% of our current annual electrical consumption – over 1.25 MW of electricity.

Finally, Promega will purchase additional renewable credits where necessary to account for 100% of our global usage.

“Because electricity accounts for over half of our global emissions, this shift away from fossil fuels will make a big difference in our overall carbon footprint” says Corey Meek, Corporate Responsibility Program Manager.

Of course, sustainable business practices require more than just renewable electricity. Read more about how Promega is reducing our environmental impact through waste reduction, water conservation, and more in Planet Aware.

Promega Corporate Responsibility

This announcement was released in our 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report. This annual document summarizes our initiatives and outcomes over the last year supporting scientific discovery, employee wellbeing, and global communities. Other highlights include:

  • Promega Madison unveiled new employee benefits including student loan acceleration and family forming services. The medical plan available to Madison-based employees now features an expanded definition of “medically necessary” to include services for transgender individuals that were previously excluded as cosmetic in nature. Learn more about these benefits and other ways we care for our employees in People Care.
  • Our products empower scientists to make positive impacts on our world and society. For example, the new Spectrum CE System and accompanying PowerPlex 35GY System enable DNA forensics labs to analyze samples with greater efficiency and precision. Read how scientists are using Promega products in Product Reach.
  • Promega supports young scientists through a wide variety of programs. The D.O.O.R.S. Scholarship recognizes underrepresented minority students pursuing careers in biotechnology. Several branches offer Young Researcher Awards to honor outstanding early-career scientists. We also continue to support teams competing in the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition. Check out all the ways we’re supporting our local and global communities in Community Touch.

To explore the full report, visit our Corporate Responsibility site.

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