How Do I Choose the Right GoTaq® Product to Suit My Needs for EndPoint PCR?

We offer a wide array of GoTaq® DNA Polymerases, Buffers and Master Mixes, so we frequently answer questions about which product would best suit a researcher’s needs. On the Taq Polymerase Page, you can filter the products by clicking the categories on the left hand side of the page to narrow down your search. Here are some guidelines to help you select the match that will best suit your PCR application.

Standard EndPoint PCR

If you are doing standard endpoint PCR, with optimized primers and amplification conditions, then a Master Mix like the GoTaq® G2 Master Mixes are a good option. Our new second-generation recombinant GoTaq® G2 Polymerases offer high-performance and an improved manufacturing process to ensure the consistency in performance from lot-to-lot. Of course, the original native GoTaq® Master Mixes are still available as well. The Master Mixes allow you to just the add template and primers, and Go! The Green Master Mixes have sufficient density for direct loading onto agarose gels and the convenient blue and yellow dyes that indicate migration progress. If you are instead using the products in downstream applications that use absorbance or fluorescence excitation (like sequencing), you can use the Colorless Master Mixes that will not interfere with these applications.

Make Your Own Master Mix

If you want to make your own master mixes for standard endpoint PCR, then the Enzyme + Buffer option will suit your needs. The GoTaq® Polymerases with both Green and Colorless buffers are provided as separate components in the new GoTaq® G2 DNA Polymerase and original GoTaq® DNA Polymerase formats. Don’t forget to include nucleotides offered separately in the dNTP Mix and other dNTP sets or individual solutions.

Test and Optimize Conditions

Are you testing amplification of a new target or optimizing amplification conditions? If so, you will likely need to modify the amount of magnesium in the reaction. Magnesium is a required cofactor for thermostable DNA polymerases, and magnesium concentration is a crucial factor that can affect amplification success. For this, we recommend our Flexi products that are supplied with a magnesium-free buffer and a tube of 25mM MgCl2 so that you can adjust the Mg2+ concentration to the optimal level for each reaction. Again, we have both the new GoTaq® G2 Flexi DNA Polymerase Systems and original GoTaq® Flexi DNA Polymerase Systems available. The nucleotides are also offered separately for these systems.

Bundled Components

Do you need the flexibility of separate components and want the convenience of all the PCR components in a bundle? The GoTaq® PCR Core Systems include GoTaq® DNA polymerase and PCR Nucleotide Mix, along with high-performance buffers and separate magnesium chloride. The GoTaq® PCR Core System II also includes a Positive Control Plasmid DNA and Positive Control Primers, which is great for lab training activities.

Long PCR

Do you want to amplify long DNA amplicons larger than ~ 3-5kb? For Long PCR, the GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix is best suited as it is capable of amplifying long fragments up to ~20-40kb. This system also comes with control primer pair and human genomic DNA template to perform control reactions and test template quality. The convenient hot-start format reduces nonspecific amplification.

Hot-Start PCR Options

If you are having problems with nonspecific products or just want to ensure that only your specific product is amplified, then you may want to perform hot-start PCR because it helps to eliminate or minimize primer-dimers and nonspecific products, and in some cases, may improve yields. We offer hot-start Master Mixes of both the new GoTaq® G2 Hot Start Master Mixes and original GoTaq® Hot Start Master Mixes. You can also choose the separate Enzyme + Buffer, Flexi systems with magnesium-free buffer and Green and Colorless buffers for the new GoTaq® G2 Hot Start Polymerase and original GoTaq® Hot Start Polymerase. The nucleotides are offered separately for these Flexi systems. For sensitive applications requiring products manufactured under cGMP,  the GoTaq® MDx Hot Start Polymerase  is suitable for use as a component of molecular diagnostic assays, where applicable country laws allow. Separate license or royalty payments are not required. Don’t forget to include your cGMP-Grade nucleotides offered separately in the PCR Nucleotide Mix.

Customized, Optimized PCR Master Mixes

If you need a custom MDx Master Mix, you can use our PCR Optimization Kit and 5X PCR Buffers to quickly survey which combination of PCR buffer, MgCl2 and enzyme concentration yields optimal PCR performance specific for your assay. Then, you can have the optimized formulation made-to order as a custom 2X GoTaq® MDx Hot Start Polymerase Master Mix perfect to suit your needs. You can choose to have your 2X PCR Master Mix dispensed in 25ml bottles or 1ml tubes.

So, whether you like the ease of a ready to use master mix or prefer the flexibility of separate components, with everything from standard PCR Master Mixes to custom formulations, you can be sure there is a GoTaq® option that will suit your needs.

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