Dear Santa: A Scientific Wish List

We here at Promega Connections recently conducted an informal survey: What would you ask for in a Letter to Santa? Below are the top wishes. What would you add to the list?

Dear Santa

  1. On the serious side, I would like a truly permanent marker: one that stays on the tubes even in an ice-ethanol bath. And, while you are at it Santa, tube label stickers that don’t frost up and continue to stick at –80°C and in liquid nitrogen.
  2. For our everyday lives, here are things we request:

  3. A large kitchen desiccator bell jar to keep cereals and other foods crisp.
  4. Viscosity-compatible pipettors for transferring ketchup and mustard.
  5. Large pipette and bulb to replace the turkey baster. (Seriously, does anyone EVER successfully transfer juices using a turkey baster?)
  6. One person writes: I’ve been extra good this year…I would like a fully customized Tecan system for my kitchen that would robotically measure, stir, bake/fry/broil, and plate my dinner! (note added in proof: and do the dishes, too).
  7. How about an autoclave to speed up my tomato-canning process? Currently with my pressure canner, I can only process 8 quart jars at a time. I bet I could do at least 25 with an autoclave. Plus, an autoclave would be nice because I could set the pressure and time, then walk away.
  8. A short video that explains what you do—one that your parents can have at the ready on their smart phones to play for their friends who inquire about you over the holidays.
  9. And speaking of family: How about a gift for the spouses/partners/friends of scientists for dealing with them being in the lab ALL THE TIME. Or some sort of perfume or cologne that covers up the smell of chemicals. Ok, maybe I’m the only one married to a chemist…
  10. A set of matching lab coats for that afternoon couples’ stroll in the park…with slightly cooler than average safety goggles.
  11. And finally, the unanimous request: Food-grade Parafilm® for the kitchen.
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