Thankful it is Friday

Haven’t we all had that day where everything that could go wrong did go wrong?  Hopefully today was not one of those days, but if it was, I hope this cartoon helps.


And if we can help with one of those things that didn’t go quite right, remember our Technical Services Scientist are here to help. You can find out how to reach them on our website.

If you need some more laughter, you can find more cartoons here.

Happy Friday!


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Kelly Grooms

Kelly Grooms

Scientific Communications Specialist at Promega Corporation
Kelly earned her B.S. in Genetics from Iowa State University in Ames, IA. Prior to coming to Promega, she worked for biotech companies in San Diego and Madison. Kelly lives just outside Madison with her husband, son and daughter. Kelly collects hobbies including jewelry artistry, reading, writing and knitting. A black belt, she enjoys practicing karate with her daughter as well as hiking, biking and camping.

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