My, What Lustrous Fur You Have


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Many times in science, a research track is followed after an unexpected observation. Sometimes this comes from results not fitting with the proposed hypothesis but other times, it is something not relevant to the study undertaken but seems to be an interesting side effect. The impetus for the PLOS ONE  article by Levkovich et al. began with a simple observation: mice fed probiotic yogurt in gastrointestinal studies had thicker, shinier fur than those that did not. Continue reading “My, What Lustrous Fur You Have”

The Healing Power of Yogurt

There has been much made of probiotics regulating digestive health in the news and repeatedly hawked by people sharing the benefits of yogurt with special bacteria that will change your life. I was advised by my mother that when I was taking antibiotics, eating yogurt would help counteract some of the negative consequences of oral antibiotics and repopulate my gastrointestinal tract with beneficial bacteria. But I was unaware of research published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry showing that yogurt with Lactobacillus gasseri could actually heal acid-induced ulcers—at least in rats. Continue reading “The Healing Power of Yogurt”