Inventory Managment and Onsite Stocking without the Headache

The Helix on-site stocking program has been a resource for scientists for many years. With customized onsite stocking, inventory management and automated billing, losing precious time to a missing reagent is a thing of the past.

Helix freezers and cabinents provide seemless onsite stocking and inventory managment

To better understand the impact of Helix on our customers’ research, we spoke to Chris Thompson of Pro-GeneX, a clinical laboratory in Atlanta, GA. “Using the Helix system has been a game changer from the first day we got it,” Chris said.  “It was simple to set up and use from the start and has never let us down.  We routinely show it off to visitors to our lab because we are so impressed with it.  I only wish all my reagents used a system like this.  From an inventory perspective it is the best invention in our lab!”

Read our full Q&A with Chris below:

How has the Helix program impacted your laboratory flow and resource stocking?

The Helix program has made our Promega reagent use and restocking a remarkably easy and stress free process.  Taking inventory counts and placing reagent orders manually are a thing of the past.  We use what we need in the laboratory and replacement reagents arrive before we are in any danger of running out. 

What are the greatest benefits to the Helix program?

The Helix program is incredibly easy to use and makes maintaining Promega reagents in the lab so easy that we literally don’t have to think about it.  To have something so independent and reliable is an amazing benefit.

What limitations or improvement areas have you noticed for the Helix program?

The only limitations we encountered were not having the minimum number of reagents to keep in the freezer at all times set correctly.  But that was something we set up incorrectly and adjusting the minimum number for onsite stocking was as easy as sending an email.

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