How to Get Real-Time Kinetic Data With GloMax® Microplate Readers

Understanding how a compound or drug affects cellular pathways often requires measuring kinetic changes over an extended period of time—from several hours to days. Live-cell kinetic cell-based assays that measure cell viability, cytotoxicity, apoptosis and other cellular pathways are great for collecting real-time data. You don’t necessarily need expensive equipment to run these types of assays. In the videos below, Dr. Sarah Mahan, a research scientist at Promega, demonstrates how you can easily get great 24-hour or multi-day kinetic data using a GloMax® Microplate Reader.

How to Get 24-Hour Kinetic Data

  1. Pre-warm instrument.
  2. Set up assay plate with cells and reagent.
  3. Select preinstalled protocol on the GloMax® Instrument and set interval.
  4. Add test compound to cells.
  5. Place plate in the instrument and start run.

How to Get Multi-Day Kinetic Data

  1. Select preinstalled protocol on the GloMax® Instrument and pre-warm instrument.
  2. Set up plate with cells, reagent and test compounds.
  3. Cover plate with gas-permeable membrane and put in incubator.
  4. Place plate in the GloMax® Instrument and read.
  5. Put plate back into incubator until next time point.

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