Announcing the 2019 Promega iGEM Grant Winners

It’s FINALLY time to announce the winners of the 2019 Promega iGEM Grant! We received over 150 applications this year, so picking the top 10 was very tough. As always, we’re impressed by the amazing work iGEM teams are doing in the lab and in their communities. The 10 winners listed below will receive $2,000 in free Promega products.

Good luck to all teams competing in iGEM this year, and congratulations to our winners! Don’t forget that Promega has free technical support for all teams competing in iGEM. Our scientists are excited to help out. You can also check out our iGEM Sponsor page, which has tools and resources to help make your project a success. Continue reading “Announcing the 2019 Promega iGEM Grant Winners”

The Art and Science of Brewing Beer

Nothing starts a conversation faster than me making the statement “I brew my own beer.” People are instantly fascinated by the age-old process of turning barley and hops into the magical elixir that is called beer. And magical is exactly what beer was regarded for centuries: when yeast lay yet undiscovered, the process of fermentation was termed “Godisgood.” This process was initiated by a mysterious, unknown element that settled on vats of wort (malted and cooked barley grain) and transformed them into alcoholic and carbonated consumables called beer. Apparently, because bacteria were also undiscovered, the spoiling (souring) of beer was blamed on the action of “beer witches.”
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