Sensational Science: Don’t Believe the Hype

tattered truthOne of my pet peeves is hearing people make radical health and nutritional claims because they heard it from one of their favorite actors or politicians.  I feel that as a scientist with the background in biochemistry and physiology, I am civically responsible for evaluating these claims and helping people understand the truth. Now, I’ll admit that it is difficult to refute claims in a way that sounds constructive and not self-righteous and to strike a balance between being helpful and nosing into someone else’s business.

Remember the oat bran craze of the 80s?  We had finally found the cure to heart disease! All people needed to do to lower cholesterol was eat more oat bran, and Quaker stock skyrocketed! Oat bran cookbooks were flying off the rack and companies even began to market potato chips enriched with oat bran! Continue reading “Sensational Science: Don’t Believe the Hype”