There and Back Again 3: Christchurch, New Zealand (South Island) Travelogue

In 2014, Promega created a special incentive to reward field science consultants who help the scientific community take advantage of the our on-site stocking program. The winners had to meet ambitious criteria to receive 2 round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world, a week of paid vacation and spending money. Our four winners from 2014 will share photos and stories about their journeys in a semi-regular Friday feature on the Promega Connections Blog.

Today’s travelogue is Part III of the adventures of Mica Zaragoza, a senior client rep, who used his award to travel to Australia and New Zealand.

Helix-Travel-Blog---1-WEBAfter a day of travel, including a quick stop-off in Sydney, we arrived late in New Zealand the evening.  New Zealand is an island nation with strict customs requirements, having been stung in the past by a decision  to import the opossum.

Jumping full into the experience, we rented a car (5-speed) and headed into the City to scope out our hotel ( more on the car later).

During our time in Australia, we had spoken with several travelers who had visited Christchurch for their recommendations.  Without fail, their response was negative, using words like “destroyed” and “rubble” to describe the city.  They referred to a  series of earthquakes in 2011 that crippled the city of Christchurch; the residents were not aware of the risk and structures in the city had not been constructed to withstand such devastation. Continue reading “There and Back Again 3: Christchurch, New Zealand (South Island) Travelogue”