Red Rover, Red Rover

[wpvideo j5SvPhHA]On November 26, NASA launched the Mars Science Laboratory from Cape Canaveral. The science laboratory contains the newest Mars rover, Curiosity. NASA has already received the first signal from the laboratory, shortly after it separated from the rocket. The Mars Science Laboratory is flying free toward the red planet.

NASA has a wonderful video describing how the science laboratory landing is planned. The video illustrates just how complex a mission this is. To think that we can even imagine, must less carry out, such a feat of technology and engineering is amazing. Enjoy the video, and let’s hope that on August 6, 2012, Curiosity will land safely and begin teaching us more about our neighboring planet.

If you have difficulty with the embedded video, here’s a link to the video on the NASA website.

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  1. Dear Promega,

    I was not able to play the video from your site, but got a hold of it on youtube. Amazing! this could well be another giant leap for mankind. Curiosity would be a great sequel to Opportunity.

    By the way, your blog is very interesting, I hope you could get your own .com with wordpress hosting sites like the one’s found here:

    I will be looking forward to 2012!

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