Fun Friday: Western Blot Cartoon

As a fun followup to Wednesday’s blog, here is a cartoon for all you protein scientists out there.

Western Blot Cartoon by Ed Himelblau.
Western Blot Cartoon by Ed Himelblau.

IF you would like to see more science cartoons by Ed Himelblau, you can find them in the Cartoon Lab section of the Promega PubHub.

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Kelly Grooms

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Kelly earned her B.S. in Genetics from Iowa State University in Ames, IA. Prior to coming to Promega, she worked for biotech companies in San Diego and Madison. Kelly lives just outside Madison with her husband, son and daughter. Kelly collects hobbies including jewelry artistry, reading, writing, photography and knitting. She would like to be an avid runner, as evidenced by her growing collection of running gear and her single half-marathon finishers t-shirt.

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