Making Sense of Climate Change

Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to attend a virtual talk presented by leading climate scientist and communicator Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. She began by asking the audience to send in one word that describes how they feel when thinking about climate change. The responses popped up live in a word cloud on Hayhoe’s shared screen:




Those words also describe how I felt when I realized the conclusion to my series of blogs on the 2021 Nobel Prizes would address the topic of climate change.

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Winter Driving: Another Kind of Memorable Trip

For those living in the sunny bright climes of the southern U.S., winter driving for the holidays may not be a consideration.

On the other hand, Houston Texas had 3-4” of snow on Dec. 3, turning area roads into what one reporter called a “bumper car festival” .

Winter driving used to be a big part of my Christmas holiday, making a trip home to Brookings, South Dakota. Initially I made the trip from St. Paul, MN, and later, Madison, WI, both drives of several hundred miles in length.
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