The Intersection of Poetry and Science

March 21, 2018 is World Poetry Day, we’re getting into the spirit with some scientific poetry. Science and poetry overlap more than many diehards in either camp would like to admit. History is filled with poets who dabbled in science, as well as scientists who dabbled in poetry. In honor of World Poetry Day, I’ve pulled out some of my favorites. Continue reading “The Intersection of Poetry and Science”

A Spider Homage

An Irregular Ode to a Spider

With black and yellow hazard signs you stretch en pointe to reach the next rung on a self-spun ladder and hold firm as each string vibrates upon my passing.

 A woven zipper brings the four corners under your command, drawing the unwilling to struggle along tightropes suspended unseen upon my passing.

 Dusted tangerine and black stockings expand to secure your body like a broach displayed on a wool coat in need of embellishment admired upon my passing. Continue reading “A Spider Homage”

Rhythm and Flow in Writing

Getting What You Want from Your Science Writing Part VIII

My first project, a scarf for "Floppy Dog".For a while now I have made a living knitting words, stringing them together with a rhythm and flow to create a finished piece that has some kind of meaning. Recently I started learning how to knit yarn together with a rhythm (ideally) that will bring the loops and knots together into some kind of finished whole that has meaning: a scarf, a hat, a dish rag (hey, I’m a beginner here). And just like the clacking of knitting needles can relax and de-stress you, the clicking of the keyboard when your writing is in rhythm can be a joyful experience.

The rhythm and flow of language is important in all types of writing, not just in poetry and dramatic monologues but also in prose and—gasp!—scientific writing as well. Continue reading “Rhythm and Flow in Writing”