An Ode to Packaging Engineers

Comic by Ed Himelblau.

In my second or third year as a graduate student, I had to ship some microfluidic masters to a collaborator in Kenya. The masters were extremely fragile and took me several days in a cleanroom gown to make. I was horrified at having to send them on a perilous journey overseas, and somewhat flabbergasted that they made it to Nairobi whole and well. And yet, every day thousands of delicate items zoom around the world and arrive at their destinations in one piece. How?

A couple months ago, I visited the lab where our packaging engineers (yes, that’s a thing) do their work. Here’s what I learned. Continue reading “An Ode to Packaging Engineers”

The Fabulous Failed Experiment

So close...

So close…This ball never went in the pocket.

Science is a discipline of failure. This concept is one that usually hits home during one of those late, late nights in the lab. Most days, most experiments, by definition, are failures. Continue reading “The Fabulous Failed Experiment”