On being wrong…

I am wrong. A lot. I am ready to admit it.

Case in point, this past week, my husband and son decided to take some time and enjoy our summer.  On Tuesday, we decided to go to the Milwaukee Zoo. Because I am a bit of a crazy perfectionist (who may or may not be a tad obsessive), it’s possible that I may have slightly over prepared for this relaxing activity. I printed coupons, maps, and details instructions on how to get to the zoo. I had prepared an itinerary that included train rides, the antique carousel, seeing all the animals, attending the seal show, and of course an amazing picnic lunch. I packed water bottles, sun block, mosquito repellent, and extra socks.  We were going to have a fantastic day.

Forty-five minutes into the trip, I realized that I forgot the backpack containing all of those amenities, including directions on the kitchen table.  I was (extremely) mad at myself, but I knew that I remembered the directions exactly.  Being the somewhat controlling driver, I navigated the way I was SURE was the right way, even as my husband pointed to the sign that said “Milwaukee County Zoo” as it was flying by.   He may have politely suggested that I missed the exit. I may have ignored him. 

I knew I remembered the number of the exit and it was not that one. I was right. He was wrong. I was sure of it. (Insert exasperated sigh here.) Continue reading “On being wrong…”

Introducing the new Promega.com

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011. Today there is palpable excitement in the air.  It’s 6:20am and other than the web team, the Promega campus is quietly slumbering.  It’s a sunny, crisp spring day; a day for blossoms and new beginnings.

Fuel for the day.

My friends and colleagues are slowly rolling into work, bringing enough food to feed a small army.   The table in the middle of our floor is filled with donuts, egg casseroles, potato dishes, fruit salad, coffee cake, and 6 lbs of bacon.  This is not a day to diet.

Today, we are rolling out the brand new Promega.com.  It is the end of an 18-month project and the beginning of a new digital platform for our company.  This project, for me personally, has been an epic journey.   There are many metaphors that have passed through my head to describe the process:  having a baby, finishing graduate school (although at times high school was a more appropriate analogy), planning a wedding and getting married….whatever the comparison, it is a major milestone. Continue reading “Introducing the new Promega.com”

Gold Medal Awarded to Promega Employee (for the Silly Olympics)

So tonight is the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  I can hardly wait for them to begin. The excitement of the crowd, the camaraderie of the athletes, the unending coverage on NBC.  I am continually inspired by the stories of perseverance and dedication.  I yearn to be a person who looks pain and fear in the face and says “Bring it ON!” like the competitors do each year. My favorite competitor, Lindsey Vonn, is currently injured and healing herself with cheese.  I’m not making this up. What is there not to love?

I used to have great aspirations about being an Olympian. Unfortunately, I have no athletic skill to speak of.  I have tried snowboarding (face-planting), downhill skiing (leg-breaking), ice skating (ankle-straining), and luge.  I’m actually quite good at the luge,  but that’s another story. I will admit that the photo on this page is not me, but rather Alex Gough of Canada. I’m usually too fast for people to snap good photos.

World Cup Luge

However, my greatest victory is my Gold Medal in the Silly Olympics. Every year, when I was young, my parents used to host the Silly Olympics at our house.  Inspired by a rather famous Monty Python sketch of the same name, my Mom, bless her heart, wanted me to feel like I was good at something.

Our competitions centered around the wheelbarrow races, the egg in the spoon race (note: works better with hard boiled eggs), the silly animal walk competition, and as a clever parenting tool, the veggie eating contest. It was great fun, we giggled until we couldn’t stand it any more, and the prize was a large gold medal on a red, white, and blue ribbon. Later on in life, I learned that it was actually an “honorable mention” bowling award my Mom won in 1974. But to me, it was the best prize ever.

So good luck Olympians. And Lindsey, if the cheese doesn’t work, you can always come to my house for the Stinky Cheese game of the 2010 Silly Olympics. But you really don’t stand a chance to beat this Gold Medal winner!