Introducing Quick Protocols for iPad

The Promega iPad App has recently been updated to include a new interactive feature called Quick Protocols. These protocols offer scientists the a choice of over 70 protocols for use in interactive format at the lab bench. Using this feature, you can run protocols, add notes, and activate timers as needed. You can also add commonly accessed protocols to a Favorites list, view a time-stamped protocol you’ve completed, e-mail a completed protocol with notes or send it to a dropbox account.

The goal of providing protocols for iPad is to make it easy to access and use a variety of protocols at the lab bench, and to enable users to annotate, share and save protocols for future use.

Here is a quick overview of how it all works: Continue reading “Introducing Quick Protocols for iPad”

Methods for Determining DNA Yield and Concentration

Determining DNA Yield and PurityThis post is provided as a general introduction to common laboratory methods for determining the yield and purity of purified DNA samples. DNA yield can be assessed using various methods including absorbance (optical density), agarose gel electrophoresis, or use of fluorescent DNA-binding dyes.  All three methods are convenient, but have varying requirements in terms of equipment needed, ease of use, and calculations to consider. Continue reading “Methods for Determining DNA Yield and Concentration”

PCR Protocols for Android

Over the years we have produced several articles and technical resources on PCR. One of the most widely used is a chapter on PCR in the Protocols and Applications guide, featuring an explanation of the techniques involved, tips for reaction optimization, and example protocols for routine PCR, qPCR and RT-PCR. The protocols and applications guide is part of the Promega App, available on the web site, and as an iPhone/iPad and Android App.

Recently, we released an update to the Android app that includes customizable PCR protocols. Right now, three protocols are available in this format (Basic PCR, Hot-Start PCR and qPCR). These custom protocols allow you to input specific values for your experiment, such as concentration of stock solutions, desired number of reactions, etc. These values are used to calculate the volumes required at each step in the procedure, and a customized protocol is generated with the volumes of each reagent calculated and incorporated. Once generated, protocols can be saved for re-use, or emailed to an account for subsequent printing or incorporation into a lab notebook. Continue reading “PCR Protocols for Android”