A Discussion about Sustainability at the International BioEthics Forum

Leaf image What does sustainability mean? Is it composting your vegetable scraps and yard waste, and capturing rain water? Is it community-based action on policies dealing with land and water use? Is it educating our children about ecology and the connectedness of all flora and fauna in our biosphere? Is it bringing together religious leaders, scientists, nonprofit organizations, business leaders, educators, students and the public on a discussion of sustainability? On April 23 and 24, the 8th Annual International BioEthics Forum on Sustainability did just that, hosting a diverse group of people from many different perspectives to answer the question “what does sustainability mean?” Continue reading “A Discussion about Sustainability at the International BioEthics Forum”

Top 10 Reasons Not to Plant a Tree

10. You have no space on your property available to plant one.

9. You do not want to call your local extension agent to ask about the strange insects swarming the tree and stripping it of leaves in the middle of summer.

8. You had the composition of the “dirt” on your property analyzed Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons Not to Plant a Tree”

Bioethics Forum: Sustainability

Everytime we enter a grocery store we are offered the chance to buy reusable, environmentally responsible grocery bags. “Go Green” is an oft quoted phrase, and almost every business in every industry is touting its “green” initiatives.

The 8th Annual International Bioethics Forum in Madison, WI, takes on the topic of sustainability. Continue reading “Bioethics Forum: Sustainability”