Catnip and Its Effect on Cats, Dogs and Humans

Feline in catnip.
Common cat behavior around catnip.

Cat owners—and those that care about cats—know the power that catnip has on cats. If you own a cat and bring catnip into the house, no matter where you put it, the cat will find it.

Once the cat gets the catnip (aka catmint, nepeta) she/he will rub her/his head and shoulders on the plant,  lie down on it or even dash about the house. Cats frequently chew on and eat catnip.

A report sought to explain why and how catmint affects cats. I eagerly read the report, having always been conflicted about giving catnip to my cats. Could they be killing brain cells by smelling or consuming catnip? Is it habit forming? Is catnip a gateway drug for cats? Continue reading “Catnip and Its Effect on Cats, Dogs and Humans”