Optimizing a DNA Methylation Analysis Workflow

methyledge seminarWhen Aristotle compared epigenetics to a net (1), he could not have predicted how right he was.  Recent research has revealed that mechanisms underlying epigenetic effects are numerous and interdependent as are the knots in a net. Each epigenetic mechanism has its players: enzymes, functional groups, substrates etc.  The most important aspect of an epigenetic trait is its reversibility. Methylation of DNA was the first epigenetic modification to be discovered, and 5-cytosine methylation was the first to be linked with gene expression status. Currently, the most popular method for measuring  CpG island methylation status is a bisulfite treatment of DNA followed by PCR or sequencing.

In this week’s webinar, Promega R&D scientist, Karen Reece focused on a workflow from DNA purification to analysis. She described the best methods for DNA isolation, quantification, bisulfite conversion, PCR and sequencing. Continue reading “Optimizing a DNA Methylation Analysis Workflow”