Interview Day Checklist

Ribbon to rememberI’m a list person. You may know people like me—we are the ones who start compiling a list of items to pack for vacation a month in advance; we wouldn’t be caught in a grocery store without a carefully curated grocery list (often organized by department), and we have been known to write down previously completed items on our to-do list just to experience the satisfaction of crossing them off. The internet is full of lists and I love comparing other people’s checklists against my own to make sure I have what I need.

Some call my list-making zeal a curse, some call it a gift. Whatever you call it, I’d like to share with you my suggestions of items to bring to your next onsite interview (in list form, of course). Whether you are as passionate about lists as I am or not, I think it can help. Packing for an onsite interview in advance can help you feel calm, confident and prepared; which is exactly what an interviewer wants to see. When getting ready for an interview, be sure to pack: Continue reading “Interview Day Checklist”

The Biggest Blunders of Job Searching: Part 2 Interviews

Part 2: Interviews

Last month we shared the most typical blunders recruiters see on resumes. Now that your resume is flawless and you are likely going to be interviewed for your dream job, we should move on to the interviews.

Interviewers will not only be assessing your ability to do the job, but also how you will fit in with the company, culture, and team. Make sure you bring your A-game and read on for things to avoid during your interview. Continue reading “The Biggest Blunders of Job Searching: Part 2 Interviews”

Pick me! Four tips for getting your application to the top of the stack

In these economic times, finding a job can be one of the most daunting tasks someone can take on. It seems like every time I turn on the news I hear about depressing unemployment numbers or another massive layoff. But don’t lose all faith yet- there are jobs out there! Whether you are a recent grad, were just laid off, or are looking for a career change, the following tips can help turn your job search nightmare into a job search success. All of my suggestions can be boiled down to one overarching theme- PREPARE! Don’t go out into the job search world without doing your due diligence. If you do, you may end up looking foolish or (even worse) you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Continue reading “Pick me! Four tips for getting your application to the top of the stack”