On being that person in the crowd

One of the heroic stories coming out of the tragic and horrific shootings in Tucson, Arizona, this past weekend is that of Daniel Hernandez. Hernandez is a 20-year-old intern with U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ office. He’d been on the job less than a week, but, immediately after the initial shots were fired, and perhaps before the gunfire had even ceased, he ran to Giffords’ side, lifting her head to make it easier for her to breathe and using his bare hands to lessen the flow of blood from the single gunshot wound to her head. Employees from the nearby Safeway grocery store brought out clean smocks from the meat department in which to temporarily wrap Giffords’ wound. Hernandez kept Giffords awake and alert as possible by interacting with her and urging her to squeeze his hand to help with the pain. She apparently stayed conscious and responsive until the paramedics arrived. The actions of Hernandez and the others at the scene may have contributed significantly to what, so far, sounds like a very promising recovery story for Giffords. Continue reading “On being that person in the crowd”