Wanted: Time to Knit

I am a knitter. At least I think I am. Are you allowed to call yourself a knitter if you only pick up the needles after you’ve worked a full day, walked the dog, fed and bathed your daughter, put her to bed, picked up all the toys and books, done the dishes, spot-cleaned the kitchen, made dinner, tidied up the house to the point where it at least doesn’t make you immediately sick to your stomach, and somehow manage to not fall asleep within 15 minutes of sitting down on the couch?

Sigh. Hold on a second. Just writing that sentence exhausted me. Welcome to modern motherhood!

So, anyways, knitting. I love to knit. I know there are a good handful of authors on this blog who love to knit. I know we have some readers who love to knit. But loving it and actually doing it are sometimes different things. If you’re like me, the all-too-common refrain, usually delivered with a sigh of resignation, is:

“I just wish I had more time to knit.” Continue reading “Wanted: Time to Knit”

How That Cut on Your Hand Could Save Someone’s Life

Quick quiz: Which of these would not be highly unusual for you to say to yourself today?

  • “Shoot, I’m running late again.”
  • “My goodness, it’s a lovely day.”
  • “I really shouldn’t have eaten so much.”
  • “Oh good! I sliced my finger with this kitchen knife! I’m finally bleeding!”

If you answered the first three, congratulations, you’re in good company. If you picked the last one, I’d have to guess you’re either a little macabre, highly prone to sarcasm or, like me, have recently gotten acquainted with Help Remedies’ “help, I’ve cut myself & I want to save a life” product and are looking forward to making the best of an unfortunate situation. Continue reading “How That Cut on Your Hand Could Save Someone’s Life”