Webinar: The Hows and Whys of the Early Steps in RNA Analysis

Ribbon diagram of RNA’s biggest threat: a ribonuclease
Ribbon diagram of RNA’s biggest threat: a ribonuclease

RNA analysis from RT-pPCR to RNA-seq has become an increasingly important part of life science research as we seek to understand gene expression patterns, cell signaling and developmental events. To be successful at these RNA analysis steps, however, the upstream RNA purification needs to produce intact, high-quality product suitable for downstream work. Many RNA purification systems are available, ranging from high-throughput to manual using a variety of chemistries. You can purify RNA from FFPE or fresh mammalian tissues. How do you know which system to choose and when to use it? Our free webinar on August 11, The Hows and Whys of Early Steps in RNA Analysis, describes different methods for purifying RNA from fresh or fixed samples, protecting it from degradation and assessing quality before you proceed with downstream work. Register today to learn how you can achieve the best results possible with your RNA analysis studies.

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