Top 10 Websites of 2009 (9 According to Me and 1 According to You)

Part of my job is to understand what is happening in the constantly changing world of the Internet.  I spend more time online per week than most people spend working, sleeping, and having fun put together.  And while this is NOT always a good thing, there are several reasons why I love the World Wide Web.  Aside from constantly changing content, new ideas popping up faster than I could ever hope to find them, and the connection of people from different backgrounds, there are several websites that make me really happy.

First there are several sites I did not include in my top ten list, because they are such a part of the fabric of my existence, they hardly count.  This would include,,, Google (and the 10,000 different variations on the Google theme), YouTube, and the 15 different news sites I like to peruse.   The sites I chose for my Top Ten list are super extra special. They actually have an emotional hold on me for one reason or another.  Some are guilty pleasures.  Some just make me feel smart when I am around other technically savvy people.  Others inspire me and shape my world view.  Some you may know, others may be new, but these are the winners of 2009 for me.

  1. –  This streaming music site is the main reason I have spent more money on music in the last year than any other year.  Pandora has been around awhile, but it just keeps getting better.  You create a “channel” by choosing and artist or genre and Pandora will play some songs by that artist, but it also recommends other artists that are similar to that artist or genre.   This allows you to listen to music and artists that you may not ever hear.  It’s free with a few annoying ads, but I find it’s worth it.  You can also get the Pandora iPhone app for ultra hip listening power.
  2. – says Etsy is the “long-haired, Birkenstocked love child of Amazon and eBay. It’s a crafts-only marketplace oozing with personality — imagine if Martha Stewart were reincarnated as Ani DiFranco and you get the gist.”  From a navigation perspective, has one of the best navigation structures of all times (try the sort by color to see what I mean.) I am NOT a crafts kind of person, but this site is so fun to use and the items you can find here are so unique and unusual, that I spend more time here than I should.  But never during work hours.  Really.
  3. – I found after listening to Bill Clinton at his book tour for “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World.”  This site makes it possible to give micro-loans to small businesses in developing countries.  You can start for as low as $25.00 and pick any small business you want to loan the money to.  The site boasts a 97% on-time repayment rate, and when the money is paid back, you can withdraw your original investment or lend it to another needy applicant.  I have been doing this with the same $250.00 for over a year.   I’ve helped to start a restaurant in Guatemala, a jewelry business in Argentina, a fruit stand in Mexico, and a water company in Africa. It’s amazing to read the stories of what people are doing with your loan, and it makes you feel really good about the state of the world.
  4.  This is an online aggregator.  One place to go to see the top stories, pictures, videos and general goings-on about the web.  This site  is my “trick” for how I know what is going on 24/7, 365.  Like I said, not always a good thing.  But with a tool like this, life is easier.
  5. – Do you have a Rolodex? Me neither.  I have a LinkedIn profile. For those of you in the professional community who are not on LinkedIn, you may just want to login and get yourself a profile.  This social networking tool for professional people is the “who’s who” for your professional life.  I have met amazing people through LinkedIn, and I know several people who have found great jobs using this tool.   You never know when you are going to need to network, and a strong LinkedIn network is a wonderful asset.  Bye-bye Rolodex cards, hello digital world.
  6. –  TED is really just the most amazing website in the world.  The Technology, Entertainment, & Design organization’s tagline is “Riveting Talks by Remarkable People, Free to the World.”  These 15-minute talks on just about every single topic you can imagine have made me laugh, made me cry, and have inspired me to be a better person.  I know I will have “made it” when I am up there giving a TED talk.    (A girl can dream.)  One example of a fascinating talk:   Nathan Wolfe talks about viruses . Beware, they are ALL this good.
  7. –  This is one of my favorites because I love Rob Morris’s design style, his photography is breathtaking, and his website is simply beautiful in my opinion.  I love his use of imagery, fonts and white space.  I go here when I need some colorful inspiration.
  8. – Imagine an entirely new way of “surfing” the web.  You tell the web your interests, and it suggests sites that are out there that you might find interesting.   This site really revolutionized web browsing for me.  Warning, warning:  HUGE time waster.  But you never know what you might stumble upon.
  9. – I have to plug this blog, as it is just beautiful. I am not even going to tell you about it, the name says it all.   My favorite of the 1000…..well, that’s just too hard to divulge.  I’ll just let you read and find your favorite.
  10. YOUR PICK-  What was your favorite site of 2009?  I’m looking forward to hearing what inspires you.
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  1. Katie,
    Thanks for a great list. I’ve been hanging around the TED site for a while, and I must say their info is just top notch. It’s broad and it is addictive. I even take it with me on my iPod for my commute time, as I can’t seem to get enough.

    I’ll add a vote for From high tech, to the do it yourself home improver, to the downright strange, not a day goes by that I do not find something to help me be more productive or save me some cash. It contains a lot of great content to help make your life easier.

  2. I have to agree with several of your picks, Katie. Nice list! There are a couple I haven’t heard of, but I guarantee I’ll be visiting shortly.

    This year, I had fun with I custom-designed and printed a wedding announcement/invitation postcard for Ron’s and my wedding. It was fun, inexpensive and different.

    For reasons of both utility and fascination with the model, I like Stack Overflow. Though the site has some usability challenges, I find the concept really spot-on: People ask technical/developer/coder questions and the community answers them. Answers are rated so the best answer rises to the top. I’ve found the answer to several problems here.

    In a similar vein, I like Get Satisfaction. I think the way in which it exposes the customer service interface between companies and customers is really interesting, with opportunities for both parties to win.

    For a blog, Dooce is a perennial favorite, but everyone knows about her now (I think when you’re the answer to a question on Jeopardy!, you’ve officially arrived). I’ve also been reading a lot of Justin Kownacki lately. He calls it like he sees it, and has some really good insights in to a variety of topics.

    *sigh* I could go on and on. But I’m stopping now, because otherwise I’ll want to go out and start browsing around the interwebs, and I’ve got stuff to do…

  3. Hi Katie,

    Nice list. 1,000 awesomethings is cool. Thanks for introducing me to that.

    Since I have recently discovered knitting (thanks to this blog), I have also discovered–lots of free patterns, great information about yarns, links to sites where you can blow lots of money on unnecessary knitting items…it’s one of my top discoveries this year.


  4. Ok, this is exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks all for the great suggestions. Today I visited: – and learned how to clean my refrigerator coils!! – so I can stop knitting the same silly hat for my son who refuses to wear it anyway. – read about the battle over short URLs. (go!)

    And a read a few more of the 1000awesomethings.

  5. Katie,
    What a crazy great bunch of sites I didn’t know about. Thanks so much! My favorite today is an oldy,

    While I’ve not used it, have big plans to make my own picture book using blurb. Saw hard copies of some of the books that have been made using their wares at sxsw09, quality of the text and images was amazing. Incentive is that books can be allowed for sale to others…would that be a kick or what?

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