Top 10 Reasons Not to Plant a Tree

10. You have no space on your property available to plant one.

9. You do not want to call your local extension agent to ask about the strange insects swarming the tree and stripping it of leaves in the middle of summer.

8. You had the composition of the “dirt” on your property analyzed and were told it is 95% boulders, 2.5% top soil and 2.5% other.

7. You would prefer not buy a shovel for the sole purpose of giving you blisters as you dig a hole deep and wide enough to set the tree in the ground while ending up with more dirt on you than the depth of the hole warrants.

6. You would rather sleep in a hammock than spend hours digging a hole three times the diameter of the root ball, positioning the tree to make sure it is planted vertically, filling in the dirt around the tree, watering the newly planted tree, adding mulch on top of the dirt and staking the tree.

5. You want conserve your collected rain water for your edible garden without the necessity of watering the newly planted tree every week.

4. You cannot decide which tree to plant with 56 different genera of trees from which to choose!

3. You live by the philosophy “what goes up, must come down” and have the chainsaw or axe to prove it.

2. You hate raking leaves and cleaning leaf debris out of gutters.

1. And the number one reason not to plant a tree…Promega can do it for you!tree_blog

We all know how important trees are to our ecosystem. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, anchor the soil, offer shade in warm weather, and provide food for humans and homes for animals. Promega is running a special offer for all of our customers who purchase any of our GoTaq® Hot Start products. From March 1–May 31, Promega will plant a tree each time one of our GoTaq® Hot Start products is purchased. You get your research done, and another tree will be added to our environment—all without leaving the laboratory. If you are curious how close we are to our tree-planting goal and would like more information, visit the GoTaq® Green Web site for details.

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Sara Klink

Technical Writer at Promega Corporation
Sara is a native Wisconsinite who grew up on a fifth-generation dairy farm and decided she wanted to be a scientist at age 12. She was educated at the University of Wisconsin—Parkside, where she earned a B.S. in Biology and a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology before earning her second Master’s degree in Oncology at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. She has worked for Promega Corporation for more than 15 years, first as a Technical Services Scientist, currently as a Technical Writer. Sara enjoys talking about her flock of entertaining chickens and tries not to be too ambitious when planning her spring garden.

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