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Screenshot of Promega's Technical Resource Center.
Screenshot of Promega's Technical Resource Center.

You’re working late in the lab one night, or have come in to do a quick prep on the weekend, and need to make some SOC solution. Suddenly you realize that the lab’s copy of Current Protocols is missing, then recall that labmate “Peter” is working on his dissertation…in an undisclosed location. He probably has the book with him.

The other labs are locked and you really need to get this prep done. What to do?

Now you can go online to the “Technical Resource Center” of (, to the link for “Technical Reference” (see the alphabetical list on the lower half of the page). On this page you can select “Recipes for Common Laboratory Solutions”, find an SOC recipe and have the solution made in no time.
Other useful bits of information on the “Technical Reference” pages include radioisotope properties, common abbreviations, metric prefixes, formulas to calculate plasmid and protein concentrations, a table describing compatibililty of Promega buffers with reporter assays, and a table of nucleic acid and nucleotide facts, with a base pairing diagram, IUPAC nucleotide ambiguity codes, copy number as well as lengths and weights of commonly used plasmids.

Who knew?

There are a few other hidden gems in Promega’s Technical Resource web…may be not so much hidden as gems. While  the “Technical Reference” section is one of the most recent additions, you can find everything in this web from vector maps and sequences to protocols.

The “Tools” page ( provides calculators, probe or primer design tools, vector and product selectors. You’ll find help in locating the best cell-free expression product for your research needs, journal articles that describe use of cell viability products and software for use with a GloMax® luminometer. Or maybe you need to convert an amino acid sequence for a protease binding site into two complementary DNA oligo sequences? At “Tools” you ‘ll find an application for that.

Not to be missed, our collection of animations and videos  describing product use (

On the Scientific Posters page you’ll find research reported by Promega scientists and collaborators at a variety of meetings. These posters demonstrate the use of Promega products, including data and results. For instance, “MAO-Glo™ Assay: Fast and Easy Luminescent Assay to Measure Monoamine Oxidases” or “Live Imaging and Protein Subcellular Localization Using a Multifunctional Reporter Protein in Mammalian Cell Lines and Human Neural Progenitors”. The posters are listed by subject area and  by the meeting at which they were presented. Curious about how particular products are used? See the Scientific posters pages for methods and data.

Finally, a note about the  most recent addition to the Technical Resource Center, our new Technical Publications Portal. Early in 2009, we decided to discontinue printing the magazines, Promega Notes, Cell Notes and Profiles in DNA, and to distribute this content electronically. This allows you to choose the content you want and print what interests you. Whether greenly decided(?) or decidely green(?), we hope the Technical Publications Portal gives you more flexibility in content, while contributing to a world with less waste.

What technical needs can we help you with? Take a moment and let us know.

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Kari Kenefick

Kari has been a science writer/editor for Promega since 1996. Prior to that she enjoyed working in veterinary microbiology/immunology, and has an M.S. in Bacteriology, U of WI-Madison. Favorite topics include infectious disease, inflammation, aging, exercise, nutrition and personality traits. When not writing, she enjoys training her dogs in agility and obedience. About the practice of writing, as we say for cell-based assays, "add-mix-measure".

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