Winter Driving: Another Kind of Memorable Trip

For those living in the sunny bright climes of the southern U.S., winter driving for the holidays may not be a consideration.

On the other hand, Houston Texas had 3-4” of snow on Dec. 3, turning area roads into what one reporter called a “bumper car festival” .

Winter driving used to be a big part of my Christmas holiday, making a trip home to Brookings, South Dakota. Initially I made the trip from St. Paul, MN, and later, Madison, WI, both drives of several hundred miles in length.
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The Consequences of a Heavy Snowfall

Snow-covered carYesterday, Wisconsin was walloped with several inches of wet, heavy snow. In fact, my city received some of the heaviest snow totals, ~19 inches, mostly from the overnight snowfall. Confounding the heavy snowfall situation, I have a steep driveway and a corner lot. While I do not have sidewalks on both sides of my property, the corner of my lot that lacks a sidewalk is also the dumping grounds for the snow cleared from the side street. Therefore, clearing out my driveway and the sidewalk can be time-consuming, even with a more moderate snowfall, because I am equipped with a shovel and a small electric snowblower with a cord that does not quite reach the corner.
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