E-Cigarettes: For the Smoke-Conscious Smoker

Smoking Rate (%) for US Adults (1997The perils of smoking are well known worldwide and recognized by the Centers for Disease Control as “the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States.” But like most addictive substances, even the threat of death is often not enough to break the addiction.  A dramatic shift in public perception that smoking and exposing others to second hand smoke is bad seems to have contributed to decreasing smoking rates along with implementation of a number of restrictions. In a state like Wisconsin, which has a statewide ban on smoking in public, indoor spaces, it is rare to find someone smoking anywhere except a street corner or a bar patio. Even in below zero weather.  Insurance companies are even applying premiums to smoking customers to offset increased healthcare costs. And in a bold move this week, CVS Pharmacies announced that they will no longer sell tobacco products because it is contrary to their mission as a healthcare store. Continue reading “E-Cigarettes: For the Smoke-Conscious Smoker”