Get Relief from Complicated, Highly Variable ADCC Assays with the ADCC Reporter Bioassays

Copyright Promega.
Copyright Promega.
Traditional mechanism-of-action ADCC assays are fraught with difficulty from isolating specific populations of cells from blood to maintaining well-controlled assay conditions. This can lead to highly variable results that are difficult to replicate. The ADCC Reporter Bioassays eliminate much of this variability by providing frozen, thaw-and-use effector cells—cells as critical, quality-controlled reagents, giving you confidence in your results. The video below illustrates the ADCC Reporter Bioassay Principle.

For more information, links to the protocols are provided below.

ADCC Reporter Bioassay, Core Kit

ADCC Reporter Bioassay, Complete Kit (WIL2-S)

ADCC Reporter Bioassay, Complete Kit (Raji)

ADCC Bioassay Effector Cells, Cell Propagation Model