Hold the iPhone, Your App Will See You Now

Smart phones have become almost ubiquitous in our society today. These portable “second brains” come with a whole host of applications (apps) from which we can pick and choose. Need help remembering to pay your bills? There is an app for that. Need to look up a word? There is an app for that. Want to take hip and fun photos? There is an app for that. As scientists, there are mobile apps made just for us. There are apps that offer protocols, publications and buffer recipes just to name a few.

It used to be that the only apps we used in the Doctor’s office were those we used to fill the time while we waited for our appointment, but that might be changing. Continue reading “Hold the iPhone, Your App Will See You Now”

Calculators from the Ark to the iPhone

I have an old calculator. So old that people laugh when they see it and then politely change the subject. Now I hide it like a guilty secret if I am using it and I see someone coming. I keep it in my desk drawer and only sneak it out to do quick simple arithmetic that I am too lazy to do by hand. Despite the shame, I will probably keep it forever. I cannot abandon it just because it is now old and extremely unfashionable. It was useful! It served me well throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies when I actually used the vast array of statistical functions it offers. I also used it a lot in the lab to do the many routine, small calculations required from day to day. Continue reading “Calculators from the Ark to the iPhone”

An iPhone™ App for Scientists

Up until now, my relationship with the mobile phone has been an uneasy one. I have had one for years but used it only in cases of dire emergency. The only point in having one (I thought) was to be able to call for help if I was stranded on the side of the road, or to inform the police if a mad axe-man happened to be chasing me down the street. In the face of advancing technology, I steadfastly refused to text, even although all around me others had adopted it as a routine part of their lives. It wasn’t so much that I was against the idea; I now realize that I had just never possessed the right mobile device. Continue reading “An iPhone™ App for Scientists”