Summer Programs at the BTCI

One of the best parts of working for Promega is exposure to some of the amazing science related programs that are happening in our community.  Promega is a Program Partner with the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute, also located in Fitchburg, WI.    There are quite a few summer programs that I thought were worth highlighting. This summer the BTCI, along with the African American Ethnic Academy, is hosting “A Celebration of Life: Healthy Planet”, a summer program for upper elementary and middle school students.  The primary goal of the partnership between the BTCI and the Academy is to support African American students’ interest in the life sciences and provide them with the tools for success in school.

For some of the older students, high school seniors and undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in the week long “Forensic DNA Analysis” course, which offers great hands-on lab experience processing human samples for forensic DNA analysis.  Instead of spending the summer watching CSI on the couch, students can spend it in a lab working with real DNA.  How cool is that?

I wish that I had participated in programs like these when I was younger.  Little did I know that I would be working for a life sciences company when I grew up!  I feel that those of us here in Madison are supremely fortunate to have these opportunities available for our younger students as well as those of us who are, ahem, older.

For more information about the BTCI, check out their website.

Do you know of any other amazing science programs for students this summer?  If so, post them here!

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