Saturn’s Child, The Curtain Rises


An artist's rendition: Huygens probe landson the surface of Titan.
An artist's rendition: Huygens probe lands on the surface of Titan.

The following poem is a tribute to the 2005 landing of the Huygens probe on Titan- the Saturnian moon that is believed by many to hold clues about how life began on earth (See Huygens Lands With A Splat )

Saturn’s Child, The Curtain Rises

Titan Great, Saturn’s moon,
peaceful tranquil, we’ll be there soon.
Shroud of Gas, unknown surprises,
Saturn’s child, the curtain rises.

Huygens search, to Titan sent.
Sent to find ingredient,
seas of methane, rising tide.
Huygens landing, enjoy the ride.

Huygens probe on quest to find,
what’s believed to lie behind
the start of life, upon our globe.
Travels far have led this probe.

Riding high beyond the earth,
Huygens flies to find life’s birth,
Tethered on Cassini’s back.
Designed so fine, will take the flack.

Down on earth in ground control
many faces await their goal.
Results will come through darkest space.
What’s on Titan, mysterious place?

Cassini’s trek through Saturn’s rings.
New discoveries and finds it brings.
Moons unknown to man before
Cassini knocked on Saturn’s door.

Now we wait for Christmas day
Huygens’ probe will pull away.
Leave Cassini tethered friend
Data glean and data send.

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Robert Deyes

Robert has been a Technical Services Scientist at Promega for over 10 years. He also worked for two years as a Technical Advisor at the Paisley, Scotland facility of Life Technologies Inc. After earning his Masters in Medical Genetics from the University of Glasgow, he spent 18 months at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France where he did research into the molecular basis of the inherited disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He also holds a BSc from the University of Portsmouth in England.

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  1. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for sending me the link to the ‘Blog On The Universe’ site. I will definitely take a closer look. One of the things that has been most impressive with NASA and ESA as concerns Cassini and Huygens is the number of educational/outreach projects that they have organized over the last few years. After an initial scan of your site it looks as if you are doing something similar- getting people passionate about science.


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