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Over the years we have produced several articles and technical resources on PCR. One of the most widely used is a chapter on PCR in the Protocols and Applications guide, featuring an explanation of the techniques involved, tips for reaction optimization, and example protocols for routine PCR, qPCR and RT-PCR. The protocols and applications guide is part of the Promega App, available on the promega.com web site, and as an iPhone/iPad and Android App.

Recently, we released an update to the Android app that includes customizable PCR protocols. Right now, three protocols are available in this format (Basic PCR, Hot-Start PCR and qPCR). These custom protocols allow you to input specific values for your experiment, such as concentration of stock solutions, desired number of reactions, etc. These values are used to calculate the volumes required at each step in the procedure, and a customized protocol is generated with the volumes of each reagent calculated and incorporated. Once generated, protocols can be saved for re-use, or emailed to an account for subsequent printing or incorporation into a lab notebook.

The images below illustrate the steps involved in creating your own protocol. Check out the Promega App on Android market if you have an Android device and a need to do PCR. The app contains a feedback form too—so that you can send us your opinions and suggestions for features or additional functionality you would like to see included in future versions.

Choose from Routine, Hot Start or qPCR options.
Select "Create new protocol".
Name your protocol. Select "Create".
Enter the number of reactions, reaction volume, amount of template per reaction, etc. Enter the concentration of your stock solutions, the desired concentration of each component in your final reaction, and your cycling conditions.
Your custom protocol is created, displaying the amount of each component required for your experiment. Keep your custom protocol on your phone, or email it to another device for printing, record-keeping or reuse.
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Isobel Maciver

Isobel Maciver

Isobel is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and of Aston University in Birmingham, U.K. She is a technical writer and editor, and is also manager of the Scientific Communications group at Promega. She enjoys writing about issues in science and communication.

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