Meet Brian Hayman, Program Manager on the Spectrum Team

29160613_lPromega will introduce the Spectrum CE System for forensic and paternity analysis. Building this system requires the efforts of many people from many disciplines–from our customers who have told us their needs to the engineers and scientists building the instrument and ensuring its performance. Periodically we will introduce our Promega Connections readers to a team member so that you can have a sneak peak and behind-the-scenes look at Spectrum CE System  and the people who are creating it (of course if you truly want to be the first to know, sign up at to receive regular, exclusive updates about Spectrum CE).

Today we introduce Brian Hayman, Program Manager.

Tell us a little bit about what your role is on the Spectrum project.

As Program Manager I get to interface with all of the different company functions to initiate, plan, coordinate and report on all the detailed work that goes into developing the product. It’s both challenging and fun to understand and keep track of the variety of people and tasks associated with a complex instrument like Spectrum.

What are you most excited about working on for Spectrum?

The people! We have a fantastic group of professionals developing this product. Their experience, depth of knowledge, and commitment are evident in everything they do. We learn from each other and laugh a lot – a truly “high functioning” team that I am blessed to be a part of. It is rare to have the opportunity to develop an instrument from scratch; I know the whole team realizes that and the opportunity we’ve been entrusted with.

Why did you choose your profession?

I think it kind of found me! As a young (electrical) engineer, I was asked to do some planning and coordination of a small project that I was also designing circuits for. I discovered that, while circuit design is interesting, the circuit doesn’t meet you for lunch or buy you a beer after work. I found that I enjoyed the variety and people aspects of project management, and so it stuck. I think people gravitate towards what they’re good at, and I’m a much better project manager than circuit designer. I’m sure my former electrical engineer colleagues would agree!

Describe your “perfect” day.

My perfect day would incorporate some physical activity, like hiking, backpacking, cycling or running. It would include some great food in an amazing location – say, a mountain top. It would include conversation and hang out time with interesting people…watching the sun set over those mountains. And to be a perfect day, those interesting people would have to be the ones who are closest to me – my wife, two daughters and their husbands. And plenty of sleep! (that doesn’t always happen…)

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

“Work in progress”. I try not to take myself too seriously! I love to learn and I’m always humbled by how much there is to know.

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Promega products are used by life scientists who are asking fundamental questions about biological processes and by scientists who are applying scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat diseases, discover new therapeutics, and use genetics and DNA testing for human identification. Originally, founded in 1978 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Promega has branches in 16 countries and more than global distributors serving 100 countries.

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