Mass Spec Services Now Available through Promega

Promega Corporation and MS Bioworks have formed a collaboration that enables researchers access to a complete workflow, by providing unique proteomic reagents coupled with mass spectrometry services.

MS Bioworks provides mass spectrometry services to researchers in the biological sciences, enabling access to the latest mass spectrometry tools, techniques, and expertise with attractive pricing and time lines. MS Bioworks serves a broad spectrum of industrial and academic clients with a commitment to delivering high quality data and customer services.

To simplify customer selection, service options are provided in three basic categories: Protein works, PTM Works and IP Works.

Protein Works

Mass spectrometry protein analysis services encompassing protein identification, protein sequence confirmation, protein molecular weight determination, complex sample profiling and complex sample differential analysis.

PTM Works
PTM-Works is a range of post-translational modification (PTM) identification and quantitation services. These services include screening a sample for the presence or absence of a particular PTM on a target protein, global analysis of a sample to identify any proteins harboring a specific modification and comparing the abundance of modified peptides between samples

IP Works
IP-Works services are designed for the analysis of immunoprecipitated or co-immunoprecipitated proteins. These experiments can be used to simply profile the protein content of a sample or for the qualitative comparison of control versus test samples to discriminate specific from non-specific binding events.

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Gary Kobs

Strategic Marketing Manager at Promega Corporation
Gary earned his B.S. in Bacteriology, UW-Madison in 1982. From 1982–1986 he served as Research Tech at UW-Madison. From 1986 to the present Gary has been with Promega Corporation serving in many capacities including as the very first editor of Promega Notes. He was also Manager Tech Services and Training, Product Manager Restriction/Modifying Enzymes, Product Manager Protein Analysis, and is now Marketing Manager Protein Analysis.

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