Introducing Quick Protocols for iPad

The Promega iPad App has recently been updated to include a new interactive feature called Quick Protocols. These protocols offer scientists the a choice of over 70 protocols for use in interactive format at the lab bench. Using this feature, you can run protocols, add notes, and activate timers as needed. You can also add commonly accessed protocols to a Favorites list, view a time-stamped protocol you’ve completed, e-mail a completed protocol with notes or send it to a dropbox account.

The goal of providing protocols for iPad is to make it easy to access and use a variety of protocols at the lab bench, and to enable users to annotate, share and save protocols for future use.

Here is a quick overview of how it all works:

Select Quick Protocols

Tap Quick Protocols to access the list of protocols.

Select a Protocol from the Promega Protocols Menu

Choose a protocol from the list.

View a Flow Chart of yur Selected Protocol

See a schematic of the protocol.

Add Notes

Add notes to the steps in the protocol.

Set Timers as Needed

Start a timer.

Share a pdf via Email or Dropbox

email or send to Dropbox.

Quick Protocols was developed by our awesome co-workers Tricia, Maciek and David, and is part of the Promega App for iPad®, available on the AppStore. Try it out and let us know if you have suggestions for additional features and protocols we should consider including in future versions.

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Isobel Maciver

Isobel Maciver

Isobel is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and of Aston University in Birmingham, U.K. She is a technical writer and editor, and is also manager of the Scientific Communications group at Promega. She enjoys writing about issues in science and communication.

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