Hold the Expresso! Coffee Might Not Keep You Alert After All

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Despite what many of us may believe we learned cramming for finals in college, a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology (1) suggests that your morning cup of coffee might not help you stay alert through that early morning meeting. In a study of 379 coffee drinkers, researchers found that frequent coffee drinkers developed a tolerance to both the anxiety-producing effects and the stimulatory effects of the caffeine found in their coffee.

Are you thinking that you know you feel more alert after your morning mocha or double-shot? Are you one of the many of us who shudder to think of facing the day without first drinking a cup (or two) of coffee or tea? Well, according to this study, that is because the caffeine  in your morning “Cup o’ Joe” is reversing the fatiguing effects caused by acute caffeine withdrawal. So instead of waking us up or giving us a head start on the day, that morning dose of caffeine might just be resetting us to “normal”.

Making a Cappuccino

As for any anxious feelings? It appears that, although caffeine can increase anxiety, most of us have built up enough tolerance that the effects are negligible.  Still, if you start feeling anxious every morning after your first pot of coffee, you might want to cut back some, or switch to decaf.


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