Getting Ready to Unleash My Curiosity

science fest_cWe have lots of ways of celebrating science. This week was Nobel Prize week in which the hard work of many scientists was celebrated with awards of prestigious prizes and news stories around the world. Our cartoon lab, kindly provided by scientist, Ed Himelblau, celebrates all of the little things that go into the daily pursuit of science.

In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Science Festival: Curiosity Unleashed is a celebration of science that has become an annual event for our family. The hands-on experience of designing vehicles to a race across and obstacle course, shooting air-propelled paper rockets at the moon, holding a tomato horn worm in your hand and watching its pulse, and exploring the principle of viscosity through the intense study of chocolate are big hits for us. We can explore rocks, water, bugs, bubbles, and in the process experience some of the “oh wow” factor that got me interested in science to begin with.

All over the state from October 22–25, 2015, people are bound to find a free activity that interests them–from learning about the history of the Wisconsin agriculture from local writer Jerry Apps to learning about the science of popular video games like Call of Duty and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which are made right here in Wisconsin. There are art and science programs, theater programs, programs for the nature-lover, hands-on scientific exploration, and even Halloween-themed cave exploration. There are programs geared for specifically adults, and programs just for children. There is something for everyone.

The Wisconsin Science Festival is a celebration of our innate spirit of exploration– of our natural curiosity–our ability to look at the world ask questions and figure out how to answer them. You can dive in completely and lose yourself in science, and it is so much fun.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

Have you ever attended a community celebration of science? What was your favorite activity?

The Wisconsin Science Festival is a state-wide event produced by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, The Unversity of Wisconsin, and the Morgridge Institute for Research. It is completely funded by businesses and private donors in Wisconsin, including Promega.

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