Extended Use of Reporter Assays

Most people are familiar with bioluminescent reporters as a tool for promoter analysis. Did you know that they could also be used for protein interaction studies, in vivo imaging and nuclear receptor signaling experiments? Recently we published a set of web pages giving more information on several different ways luciferase reporters are being used. Check out the links below if you are looking for bioluminescent options for any of these:

Studying Protein Interactions
Adapting yeast two-hybrid analysis to mammalian systems

Analyzing miRNA Targets
Luciferase reporter designed for miRNA target analysis

Imaging In Vivo
pGL4 Vectors and Luciferins for in vivo bioluminescence imaging

Analyzing Nuclear Receptor Signaling
Luciferase-based one-hybrid system to study nuclear hormone receptor signaling

Protein Interactions Reporter Assay
Cartoon illustrating a protein interaction assay using a dual-luciferase reporter.

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Isobel Maciver

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