At Promega, Corporate Responsibility Comes Down to Relationships

We recently connected with a customer who has been using Promega products loyally for years, but who had no idea what the company was like beyond that. She humorously commented, “Oh, there are people at Promega?” Now while we are of course pleased that the quality and capability of our products stand alone, we also place tremendous value on authentic relationships and sustained engagement in the company’s exchanges with customers, as well as employees, suppliers, the communities in which we work and the environment. We wondered how many others were out there with whom we would like to connect and say, “Hello! Curious to get to know us better?”

As a Promega Connections reader, we suspect you already know a bit about who we are, but for those who are especially inquisitive (as most scientists are) we also invite you to check out our newly launched Corporate Responsibility website. Click around and you will soon discover themes of innovative collaboration with scientists, meaningful interconnectedness with employees and communities, and long-term commitment to sustainable growth.

Promoting meaningful connection happens in many ways at Promega. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cultivating emotional and social intelligence — By actively creating a culture that encourages fulfillment for each of our employees, Promega supports each individual in pursuing his or her wellbeing. By embracing the principles of emotional and social intelligence (ESI), our employees have found they are able to improve relationships, manage stress and solve problems creatively. Promega Italy has even experimented with an innovative new way to connect with customers by facilitating a two-day course to share these ESI insights with post-doctoral students at the Molecular Oncology Institute in Milan.
  • Engaging communities and building long-term relationships worldwide – Promega in Action is an initiative that offers employees at our Promega Madison, WI, corporate offices the opportunity to apply for up to five business days (40 hours) of paid time to volunteer for the charity or organization of their choice. Employees have donated their time and talents to organizations local, national and global. One employee recently volunteered with a nonprofit afterschool center in Nairobi, Kenya, to provide hands-on science workshops for youth, exploring topics such as pH, heat exchange and aerodynamics. In addition, Promega supports more than 200 organizations globally in the areas of science, education and creativity. Learn more here.
  • Working toward a more sustainable future – Nurturing our relationship with the planet is critical, and it underlies our commitment to preserving and improving the natural environment by focusing on a long-term view of what is needed for our business to serve our customers for the next 100 years and beyond. We recently announced that Promega decreased its global carbon footprint by 6% as indexed to 2017 revenue. By tracking and reducing the effects of shipping products, we ensure our products get to our customers quickly and safely while also reducing air emissions. Smaller shipping boxes and more efficient modes of transportation have reduced air emissions by 29% compared to 2009. In addition, our Helix® on-site stocking system helps consolidate shipments by tracking product use in real time and offers a net-zero emissions distribution method. Explore more of our environment initiatives here.

These are just a few illustrations of how relationships shape the people and culture behind Promega products. We celebrated our first 40 years as a company in 2018, and it is thrilling to look back at how far we have come and imagine the limitless possibilities of where we are going. We recognize the common theme in our work has always been, and will always be, meaningful connection.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn more about us. In turn, please contact us so we can get to know you better! Also, we will be updating our new Corporate Responsibility website regularly, so please stop back again at

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Karen Burkhartzmeyer
Karen is a Communication Specialist who has the privilege of helping to tell the Promega story in a multitude of ways. A former reporter, producer and teacher, Karen holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She is the mom of teenage twins and one very spoiled (yet deserving) rescue dog.

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