A Few (absolutely hot) Friday Infographics

In the fierce competition for our time and attention, a picture is still worth a thousand words. Infographics are everywhere. Sometimes they can help tell an old story in a new way, sometimes they bring something we never thought about before to our attention, sometimes they are just fun. Here are a few science and non-science infographics I think are worth sharing.

Who knew there was “absolute hot”?

I knew about absolute zero. Until I came across this awesome infographic I had never considered it’s opposite. Now I know.

billion degrees

Making old things new

Some infographics tell us things we already know, but by showing us that information in a new way they make it clearer.  I already knew hardly anyone lived in Greenland, parts of the US were sparsely populated, and most people live in Asia. However, this infographic delivers that information with more power than words alone can accomplish.


Sleeping can give you wrinkles, so can not sleeping

Risk excessive snoring, or lie on your side and get wrinklier. This is knowledge I could do without.


Your body will work really hard in 2015

Staggering numbers emphasize the wonder of the human body, and all the things it will do in 2015 that you will hardly notice at all.


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Isobel Maciver

Isobel is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and of Aston University in Birmingham, U.K. She is a technical writer and editor, and is also manager of the Scientific Communications group at Promega. She enjoys writing about issues in science and communication.


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